Faucet Water Filters Review

Unclean and contaminated water is very much unsafe to drink as it can carry a lot of serious water borne diseases. Even with such awareness, there is still a notable huge number of cases of people contracting such diseases all over the world that are often traced back to unsafe drinking water. This case makes it even important for water filters to play their part on every household. Water filters come in various types and sizes to best match the needs of every household’s water filtration. One of the most popular and most widely used filters is the faucet water filter. But what is a faucet filter and what makes it effective in providing a safe and healthy drinking water in your home?

Faucet filters are considered as the miniature or smaller versions of the big carbon filters that are often used in a lot of cities. Despite its typical size, a faucet filter can still come in various sizes and different types of replaceable filters which is used to trap specific water contaminants in your tap water. A faucet filter can also be installed in three different ways such as screwing it onto the end of your kitchen faucet, tapping it into your cold water line right beneath your sink, and the countertop version which uses a hose attachment to channel water from your faucet to the filter.

The overall performance of a faucet filter often depends on its brand. These brands also vary on the kind and amount of substances that can be filtered out alternative to reverse osmosis from the water. But in order to ensure yourself of a best performing faucet filter, make sure that the filter is NSF-certified. These types of filters are very much certified to clear out rust, chlorine and other serious health threats such as lead, trihalomethanes, and Cryptosporidium. Faucet filters are best for those who love to drink a lot of water, want to target specific water contaminants, and like to perform minor plumbing chores.

What makes faucet filters stand out among the rest of water filters is its clear advantage on price and convenience. Unlike any other types of filters, faucet filters cost far lesser. Its price ranges from $30 for faucet mounted model to $300 for under the sink unit. They are also a lot easier to install especially the baseball size version that can be easily screwed to the end of the faucet. The only disadvantage from this filter is that it is most likely to dump water contaminants back into the water supply and may give your water an off taste whenever you forget to change the filter.


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