General Body Detoxification Facts

Body detoxification is so very important today. We are surrounded by toxins. They are what invade our skin and internal functions. There are many symptoms that we experience that have a direct association with the toxins in the environment. Many diseases today are a direct result of the toxins we come in contact with everyday. Therefore, it is so very necessary to try and eliminated these toxins from our bodies. There are many products that profess to be the best.  But what you want is a product or products that work for you and your body. There are internal products and external products for internal detoxing and external detoxing. Both types of detoxing should be performed since toxins enter our bodies in both ways. When looking for products, consider ones that are botanically based and marine algae based. A marine based product will incorporate sea salt and marine botanicals in their products. Marine botanicals will include:


  • seaweeds
  • mineral salts
  • trace minerals in found in deep sea algae
  • sea nutrients


These ingredients will improve and stimulate circulation, open pores, purify skin and release stress. All are important elements necessary for us 火炭通渠 to live well and feel good.

What do you look for to detox externally?

  • scrubs
  • body masks
  • sea soaks
  • massaging
  •  body lotions (detox)
  • body washes (detox)


What do you look for to detox internally?

  • herbs that support liver function
  • nutrition
  • regulation of stools
  • elimination of fluids


On any internal detox program, you are cleaning and resting your vital internal organs. You may feel slightly sluggish, tired and have some elimination problems. But by the end of the detox period, you will feel terrific! You need to experience detoxing to actually know how great you can feel.

On an external detox program, you are exfoliating the skin and stimulating surface circulation. You are also helping your body’s elimination and drainage process to run more efficiently. After detoxing externally, your skin is energized, revitalized and radiant. Your skin is nourished, moisturized and hydrated.

We are our bodies. To feel and look great we need to consider detoxing. Detoxing will help us stimulate, strengthen and support our bodies inside and out. We will not only look radiant we will feel radiant. Two other components extremely important to our well-being are exercise and eating well.


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