Junk Cars – Sell Versus Donate

The market for junk vehicles is a thriving one. You may think just because your vehicle is condemned, then it can never sell my junk car be used for anything.

However, the truth is, no matter how condemned a vehicle may be, it still has useful components.

The question here for some is which is a better option; to sell your junk automobile or donate it? Well both options are good. It all depends on an individual and his expectations. What this article would attempt is to list the features of both options so an individual can make an informed decision.

Selling a Junk Car

When selling a junk vehicle, you should understand the following
– Your junk car may still have useful parts that can be sold. If you were buying a spare part(s) from a junkyard, you would get it at a fraction of the cost for a new one. Another benefit is you may get a part for a model that is out of production. It is very expensive to order such parts.
– You do not necessarily have to tow your junk car to a junkyard. With proper research and enquiry, you can find a reliable junk removal service

to tow your junk vehicle at no cost to you.
– You get paid for your junk car. This also depends on finding a reliable junk removal service. Your vehicle’s worth is calculated based on model, year of production and other criteria before a bid is placed and payment made.

Donating a Junk Car

When donating your vehicle, you need to consider these points
– You can get a tax reduction for donating your vehicle
– You have to ensure the charity you are making a donation to is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization or else you cannot claim your tax reduction
– Laws regarding transfer of automobile titles are different for each state

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