One In Four American Women Take Medication For A Mental Disorder

A two year study done by Medco Health Solutions Inc. (and reported in a British tabloid recently) indicates that more than one in four American women took at least one drug for conditions like anxiety and depression last year, according to an analysis of prescription data. The report tracked 2.5 million Americans and found the use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders in all adults rose 22 % from 2001. In addition, the medications are most often prescribed to women aged 45 and older, though their use among men and in younger adults climbed sharply.

So if I were to share a cab with 4 women… there is a good chance at least one of them is using a mind-altering drug?

Yep! I have to ask myself: “should I be packing heat?” Now there are a limited number of cabs here in Lancaster (and fewer women who would ride with me!) but it’s pretty plain to see that we are in some real Get Xanax Online trouble here. In total, more than 20 per cent of American adults were found to be on at least one drug for mental health disorders. They include Catherine Zeta-Jones, who was treated for a form of bipolar disorder earlier this year due to the Buy Xanax Online stress of coping with her husband Michael Douglas’s fight with cancer. Model Brooke Shields admitted suffering postpartum depression (stress induced) after the birth of her baby in 2003, while Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD (stress to the central nervous system) when he was nine years old.

If these powerful medicines are really necessary, we need to be asking ourselves some serious questions. Questions like: “Are we going crazy?” or “Are our minds and bodies finally exhausting themselves and not producing the chemistry necessary to function normally (on their own)?” Please, don’t get me wrong here. I am not an anti-drug zealot. Rather, I know there is a time and a place for the use of life saving measures or crisis care that may demand the short-term use of some very strong medicine. Over use of the “big guns” has never been shown to work! All you have to do is look at the history of antibiotics and their long-term effect in the immune system. A little is OK. A lot can be devastating. Case in point – MRSA.

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